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    Public Library Geographic Database (PLGDB) Mapping

    Welcome to the Public Library Geographic Database (PLGDB). The database includes the locations of America’s 16,000 public libraries, population characteristics from the US Census that best describe people that use libraries, and library use statistics from the National Center for Educational Statistics. Florida State University's GeoLib Program ( ) is developing this first-ever National Public Library Geographic Database. The project partner is FSU’s Information Institute.

    The mission of the PLGDB is to provide standardized library data for benchmarking and research.

    The goal of the database is to provide consolidated information on public libraries nationwide, easily accessible over the Internet.

    PLGDB objectives include:
    1. updating the database with annual and available data as resources allow;
    2. integrating new and relevant datasets which drive the mission; and
    3. creating awareness amongst information professionals of the value of geographic data.

    Your Feedback is Needed

    A key ingredient to the long term success of the PLGDB is the ongoing incorporation of other relevant data. We need your feedback as to what data you would like to have in the future. We hope the database will offer users access to data that can shape local, regional and national library policies. For more information about GeoLib and its programs, and to find out about the latest status and data releases of the National Public Library Geographic Database check back on this website regularly.

    Tour the Map!

    If you are a first-time visitor to this map, please click here to see how to maneuver and use the map. This will take you to a timed powerpoint presentation that introduces you to the map and all its many features. Click the arrows on your keyboard to go backwards or forward. After you are through viewing the introduction, please click on the PLGDB to be taken to the database and map. When you are in the map and database—you can click on help, on the upper right hand side of the map to view a more generic help and tutorial. If you would like a downloadable print introductory tutorial, please click here "U.S. Public Library Geographic Database Tutorial."

    The Future...

    As the PLGDB continues to expand and grow over time, You will discover a treasure trove of information about America’s public libraries on this web site. Click 'Go To Map' in the Quick Tour box up to the left. Provide us your feedback on your library or one you know about—let us know if it is in the right location and also what your experience is in using the database—just click on the feedback button in the top left corner!

    Dr. Christie Koontz, Project Director 850.645-7145 or e-mail .

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