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GeoLib Projects

Sponsor: Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) (2007-2008)

GeoLib will facilitate a study of US public library branch closure, analyzing why those libraries closed through interviewing staff, and assessing demographics around the library to identify any trends which may indicate and predict closure. OCLC will publish a report that will be downloadable and avilable to the public. American Library Association conference program on this topic at 1:30 pm, June 28, Anaheim, CA.

Sponsor: American Library Association/Office of Research (2006-2008)

GeoLib will facilitate the development of a new layer for the US Public Library Geographic Database which will identify public libraries serving the linguistically isolated. Best practices will also be identified. This project is the result of the World Book, Inc Award, in partnership with the ALA Office of Research and Statistics, ALA will release a report on this study during National Library Week, Aprill 2008.


National Library and Information Science Commission (2007)

GeoLib will work with NCLIS to determine optimal combinations of public library use data as gathered by the Federal State Cooperative System (FSCS), with select demographics. The US PLGDB ( will be used as a model for a user-centered dashboard of choices approach.

  • ALA/Office of Research & Gates Foundation & Information Institute, College of Information, FSU (2007)

    The US PLGDB ( is updated with the most recent library location data provided by the Federal State Cooperative System, NCES, US DOE.

  • ALA - (2005) Office of Research Public Libraries sorted by congressional district. This page is available on the US PLGDB and a tutorial as well.

  • SIRSI (2004-2007) & GeoLib completed a three year project with SIRSI, Inc. to facilitate the development of the Normative Data Product which utilizes the US Public Library Geographic Database demographics and library use statistics at the neighborhood level. For more information view the NDP project at
  • Institute of Museum and Library Services (PLGDB)(2004)
    A nationwide public library database system linked to a digital base map, that will include data sets from the US Census and the National Center for Educational Statistics. The database will provide consolidated information on public libraries nationwide and make it easily accessible over the Internet. Click here to learn more about the project. American Library Association, Office of Information Technology (2004)
  • Location of public libraries serving varying levels of poverty in the US. Osceola County Library, Florida (2003)
    Library Master Plan GeoLib completed. Information Institute, School of Information Studies, Florida State University (2002-2003)
  • Technical Analysis of E-rate Data. Fresno County Free Library, Fresno, CA (July 2002)
  • Branch Study Analysis. National Center for Education Statistics and National Commission on Library and Information Services (2002)
  • National Public Library Mapping Project: digital locations of America‚Äôs 16,000 public libraries. Institute of Museum and Library Services (2001)
  • Marketing Research Curriculum for Information Professionals, Department of Education (1999)
    Market-Based Adult Lifelong Learning Performance Measures (using PDAs) for Public Libraries Serving Lower Income and Majority-Minority Markets.
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